San Francisco Symphony debut – Beethoven Violin Concerto
...the real splendor in this rendition came in the slow movement, a serene and harmonically static series of variations. This is music of extremely inward reflection, always teetering on the brink of solipsism, and the challenge for the soloist is to bring the audience into that inner world without shattering its Zen-like air of stillness.

Hadelich managed the trick superbly, spinning out a long, sumptuous thread of melody that kept getting sweeter and more rapturous. He began in a subdued, slightly reserved vein, playing with a wiry tone that derived its power from the purity of his intonation.

And then, as variation followed variation and Beethoven's writing grew progressively more ornate, Hadelich kept probing ever deeper into the score's emotional riches. When the performers burst into the light-footed rondo theme of the finale, it almost came as a relief. (April 18, 2013)