CD review of Bartók and Mendelssohn violin concertos with Norwegian Radio Orchestra, cond. Miguel Harth-Bedoya
That this musician belongs today amongst those who will shape the course of violin playing in the coming decades is pretty much a given. [...] He performs throughout the world and already has a few CDs under his belt. The most recent (Avie) is devoted to Béla Bartók's second violin concerto and the famous concerto by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. [...] Hadelich plays the latter with an unusual serious lightness, with restrained melancholy, and - to use a hackneyed phrase - with real feeling, thus penetrating the character and concept of the piece. All this also distinguishes his playing in general. In a performance with the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, Augustin Hadelich presented the Dvorak concerto not as the supposed 'Bohemian coup de main', but as a diversely shaped landscape, with a rather bright timbre, virtuosic without razzle-dazzle, and unforced. Without doubt, this violinist is a true musician. Süddeutsche Zeitung | July 2015