Debut with Munich Philharmonic - Lalo Symphonie Espagnole, February 2017

„...the performance of the marvelous Augustin Hadelich, born in 1984. Hadelich played Edouard Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole with such mature tonal presence and rhythmic noblesse, shaping the five individual movements and the work as a whole with sovereign grandeur. This violinist  plays with wonderful strength, never laying it on too thick, and knows the secret of the stillness which serves to structure musical timing. This piece, often carelessly dashed off, positively blazed with ingenuity, lustre, charm, wit and sentiment. The Philharmonic, under the attentive Karabits, proffered such delicacy and sensitive elasticity in its dialogue with the soloist, that a real symphonic magic unfolded from Lalo's work. Hadelich acknowledged the thunderous applause with J.S.Bach: noble, calm and free from gimmickry.“
Süddeutsche Zeitung | February 2017


CD review of Bartók and Mendelssohn violin concertos with Norwegian Radio Orchestra, cond. Miguel Harth-Bedoya
That this musician belongs today amongst those who will shape the course of violin playing in the coming decades is pretty much a given. [...] He performs throughout the world and already has a few CDs under his belt. The most recent (Avie) is devoted to Béla Bartók's second violin concerto and the famous concerto by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. [...] Hadelich plays the latter with an unusual serious lightness, with restrained melancholy, and - to use a hackneyed phrase - with real feeling, thus penetrating the character and concept of the piece. All this also distinguishes his playing in general. In a performance with the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, Augustin Hadelich presented the Dvorak concerto not as the supposed 'Bohemian coup de main', but as a diversely shaped landscape, with a rather bright timbre, virtuosic without razzle-dazzle, and unforced. Without doubt, this violinist is a true musician. Süddeutsche Zeitung | July 2015